Vastu Offsite Consultation

With our offsite vastu consultation, we provides advice and recommendations based on the principles of vastu shastra, but does so without physically visiting the location in question. Instead, we relies on information provided by the client, such as floor plans, photos, and other relevant details, to perform a virtual analysis and make suggestions for how to improve the vastu of the space. Offsite consultations can be more convenient and cost-effective than onsite consultations, but they may not be as precise as those done on site.

Off site consultation is available for all, staying in India or abroad however local people can be more benefited with this service as they can contact physically at our office space. People residing out of the town or abroad need not to feel skeptic or worried as they will too receive full thorough report via mail or if possible they can meet personally to discuss the matter in detail. Their regard will be respected in every way.

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